Also, we carry spare parts for many of the previous models sold, so it's cost effective to have them repaired rather than replaced. Contact us for more details:

We stock leading brands such as:

Argox, Datalogic, Fametech POS perpherials, GTCO Digitiser parts, PSC, Percon, Summa / Summagraphics Parts and consumables, STI cables, Rochford Thompson Cheque Readers, Tysso POS keyboards and perpherials, Zebex to just name a few......

For enquiries, please email: Stock Enquiry


Warranty vary depending mostly be the manufacturer. As a general guide if the warranty is not specified with the product then the following applies from the date of our invoice:

Cables - All cables including scanner cables, terminal cables and general cables are 90 days from invoice.

Barcode scanners (not data terminal or data storage types) - 2 years on scanner.
Data Terminals - 12 months on terminal and/or cradle.
Label Printers - Argox brand- 1 year on R/X/G/AME series, 2 years on OS/A/CP series. Print heads have 3 months on R/X/G/AME series and 6 months on OS/A/CP. 
Digitisers - 12 months including cursors (pucks) - but limited (on cursors) to manufacturing faults.
Software - 90 days email support and limited manufacturer's support
Service and Support - 90 days on labour, 30 days on parts.
Consumables - 90 days.

All warranty inquiries MUST BE directed to your place of purchase. If your place of purchase is unable to assist, please have them contact us along with your details. 
All warranty inquires must provide the supplier's name, address, date of purchase, invoice number, model and serial number along with a description of the fault.

We are not able to provide warranty on any products which have not been purchased through our company.

Further information on statutory warranty is available on our terms and conditions of sale. Terms.pdf